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Five Simple Steps Which Will Assure Organizational Success

The turmoil within and around the U.S. healthcare and medical services sector has stretched many enterprises to their financial limits. It is generally agreed that starting a project from scratch is both time-consuming and expensive, with no absolute guarantee that the effort will end in success.

One of the most significant areas for the entire U.S. healthcare and medical services sector is finding, recruiting, and hiring professional staff that possesses the skill sets and experience to assure treatment is appropriate for patients and that records and all documentation is complete and accurate.

Vee Technologies provides the assistance appropriate to meet the needs of our client partners. Onshore, offshore, staff augmentation, and mid to long-term engagements are of vital significance to Vee Technologies. We stand ready to assist, recognized by several U.S. and global credentialing organizations as one of the best and fastest-growing American companies in each of the last five years.

Providing Guidance and Assistance

Start with a single simple project area and test for quality and timely completion within the agreed upon parameters. This forms the basis of a written understanding of the tasks that are to be performed and the level of quality/completion that both parties find reasonable, setting the baseline standard for the relationship.

Address a problem area that has caused a process slowdown and/or has been identified as a “bottleneck,” resulting in diminished revenue generation, delays in performance, or patient dissatisfaction. We have succeeded in these activities throughout the last decade for many of the most highly respected health and hospital institutions in the U.S. Our senior leadership team will be able to guide you and your team to an appropriate and streamlined solution.

Make certain that the strategic alliance partner has a dedicated U.S.-based Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and an identified back-up. The designated SPOC will be the main point of contact for all issues across all services. Where there are options for the location of the dedicated account team, start the project with a Center of Excellence approach with Vee Technologies’ U.S. locations. Once the project has been fully tested and is meeting the approval and satisfaction of all parties, consider the gradual movement to offshore, but only after all critical measures have been achieved. Offshore work will maintain the same standards of quality, but will sharply reduce the cost of the contracted service.

Take small steps along the way and look at easy-to-measure tasks (such as pre-arrival services, prior authorization/pre-certification and medical billing) and then move on to more complex areas (e.g., as scalable Revenue Cycle Management activities). These are sometimes referred to as “Staff Augmentation Services” because they cause minimal disruption while having the ability to “call-in” additional pre-qualified service team members to meet short-term and/or volume related surges. Our Vee Technologies’ SPOC will handle the ebb and flow seamlessly. At this point, all parties will have reached a comfort level that allows for movement into areas where strongly enhanced performance will be the key to survival in the near and long term.

Allow Vee Technologies to provide a broad spectrum of support and technical solutions for all sizes of physician groups, ambulatory care centers, outpatient surgical centers and rural and urban hospitals. Our most in-demand complex service offerings are in the spectrum of coding services, and are typically provided from a remote and highly secure HIPAA compliant and are ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified; ISO27001 – 2013 Certified; CMMI Level 3 Pre-assessed in Feb. 2019. All these services are provided from a security restricted production environment.

Vee Technologies conducts remote coding, leveraging a multi-step quality assurance process for:

Remote Coding

Vee Technologies actively seeks out and hires the best coders and auditors available, and then utilizes proven multi-step quality assurance processes. One hundred percent of the coding teams possess a medical, nursing, para-medical or life sciences background. And 100 percent of those involved in our DRG Validation and HEDIS abstraction are physicians and nurses. All Vee Technologies’ coders are highly experienced with various HIM and EHR systems (i.e., EPIC, Cerner, Siemens, 3M, Sorian, Optum, Meditech, AllScripts, eClinicalWorks, etc.).

Consider putting Vee Technologies with our latest innovation to work on the most critically important project of all, and one that holds the potential for tens of millions of dollars in annual net positive financial impact. Our Risk Adjustment Program is a scalable package that can drastically enhance revenue capture.

After more than a decade of highly successful engagements around the globe, it is our clear and primary goal to do all that we are able, in as many ways as possible, to help our client partners to continue to provide the highest quality of medical care and health services to their patients. At Vee Technologies, we have a responsibility to provide a viable alternative to closure, lay-offs, and cutbacks across vital service areas. Our role is always to assist and to “make things better” for members of the client/partner staff and for the thousands of patients who seek care and treatment because they believe in you and your organization.

Vee Technologies Risk Adjustment Program

David Vaughn

Meet the Author

David Vaughn - Senior Director of Sales

David Vaughn has been with Vee Technologies as Senior Director for over a decade. He is focused primarily on special project initiatives and typically at the “C-level”. He affiliated with Vee Technologies following a career as Director (administrative) of Corporate Health Programs for Sunoco, Alcoa, and Insurance Company of North America (now Cigna), and was Founder and CEO of InterGroup Services Corporation. Intergroup and several other managed care companies became operating units of Resource Holdings Ltd. and were sold to J.P. Morgan & Company, following which David joined Vee Technologies as an advisor. David is a graduate of Temple University and completed the Executive Program in Managed Care at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. David is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Trustees, where is also serves as a Member of the Board of Directors.

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