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Payment Posting & Reconciliation

After an insurance claim has been processed, an EOB or electronic remittance advice is generated that describes the benefits that have been paid or denied for a medical procedure or claim. Vee Technologies’ team of experienced payment posters possesses an incredible ability to decipher payer remittance, contracts, and payer trends, which enables them to preserve the integrity of the financial data and accurately distinguish how to proceed with the claim.

Whether the payment was received through electronic or paper format, the information is analyzed, appropriate steps are taken, and the payments or next steps are posted in the clients’ medical billing system accurately and thoroughly.

Through an analytical approach, we decipher the data to identify underpayments, overpayments, and denials. Insurance payments and patient payments are applied accordingly to capture true patient balances. Our methods are accurate, efficient, and cost-effective.

Our payment posting services include:

  • Verification of payment according to contractual obligations.
  • Verification of incorrect claims denials.
  • Immediate actions are taken to rectify inaccurately processed insurance payments.
  • Identification and verification of trends that affect large numbers of claims to rectify payer issues.
  • Accurate and error-free payment posting.

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