Patient Demographics/Charge Entry/Rejections/Claim Submission

Healthcare practices lose a lot of revenue through the denial of claims due to inaccurate patient demographics. The demographics that are entered in the charge entry process has a direct bearing at the time of claims submissions and also helps insurance companies process the billing faster. This ensures that healthcare providers not only get their reimbursements faster, but also reduce claims denials, yielding increased revenue.

Charge entry process is critical as it decides the amount of reimbursement that the healthcare provider will receive from the insurance payer. Vee Technologies understands the importance of this process very well. With more than a decade of experience and expertise in high-quality medical billing, Vee Technologies ensures that claims are accurate and sent faster to payers.

Before the claims are transmitted to the carriers, Vee runs them through multiple checks to ensure 100% accuracy. We also pore over all claims with an eye for detail. From document scanning to updating in the EMR/EHR, charges are submitted daily through our secure, systematic, accurate, and reliable processes.


Using Technology To Improve Claims Management for Healthcare Payers

A recent research report by MarketsandMarkets, the global market research platform, predicted that North America would account for “the largest share of the healthcare claims management market in 2018”. Read more
Case Studies
High Aged And Complex AR
The Client: A leading, multi-specialty medical group and health system, this customer has multiple outpatient specialties with 300+ physicians. Approximately $600M+ in charges and $170M+ in collections annually.
Coding Auditing RAC - Health System
Client Details: For a major health system with multiple hospitals located across the state, Vee Technologies provides various services including Coding, Auditing, and RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) review.