Underpayment Validation
That Impacts Your Bottom Line

Insurance Underpayment Recovery Services

Healthcare providers annually lose revenue that gets written off as contractual adjustments when third party payers underpay according to the contractually allowed amount. Vee Technologies identifies and corrects underpayments, incorrect adjustments and zero payments from third party payers, helping providers improve their bottom line and increase patient satisfaction levels.

Vee Technologies utilizes a holistic approach to identify underpayments from a billing and coding reimbursement perspective:

  • Analyze payment reports to identify instances of insurance underpayments
  • Compare remittances to the fee schedule and managed care contracts
  • Work directly with the payers to validate the findings and arrive at the corrective course of action
  • Provide trend analyses and work with payers towards account resolution
  • Identify the root cause of claims payment errors leading to underpayments and make the necessary adjustments