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VeeProMIS - AR Workflow

As a leading business process outsourcing provider, we modernize your operational workflow and implement the tools necessary to optimize the way that your business functions. To address critical accounts receivable needs such as improved resolution rates, denial management and increased cash flow, we created VeeProMIS. This web-based A/R and & denials workflow management solution is designed to help healthcare providers enhance the control of their receivables.

The tool is designed to:

  • Break high-volume AR into smaller, logical clusters
  • Provide real-time self-configurable dashboards
  • Enhance drill down capabilities
  • Include built-in quality checks
  • Prioritize and automate AR workflow
  • Enhance communication across different departments
  • Customize workflow to meet specific needs

Leveraging technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, MS SQL Server, and AWS, Vee Technologies develops custom automation solutions that precisely cater to your specific needs. The dashboards of our tools are simple and self-explanatory, making it easy to identify critical aspects such as the current AR summary, aging status, resolution summary and much more.