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Edit Resolution/ Claim Submission

At Vee Technologies, our edit resolution and claims experts navigate the electronic claims submission process to ensure rapid payment of healthcare claims. We leverage our payer connections to ensure that all medical claims are submitted promptly and accurately. We automate remittance and management of claims data to improve payment rate, cash flow and account receivables (AR).

Our technology-driven approach interfaces with the various payers to submit large amounts of claims and electronically update claim status. This improves operational workflow by notifying our payment posting and accounts receivables teams which claims have successfully processed and which ones require immediate action or follow up.

Our services assist health organizations to:

  • Assure clean claims are submitted for both primary and secondary health insurance claims
  • Submit work comp and auto insurance claims with all pertinent information
  • Ensure smooth integration with your patient accounting system
  • Identify and correct incomplete claims
  • Identify and locate missing attachments necessary for claims adjudication
  • Reduce first pass claims denials
  • Improve workflow automation
  • Optimize collections by reducing denials or delayed payments

We provide advanced tools and processes that identify, resolve and prevent insurance denials by categorizing the claims respectively and reporting our findings into actionable results. Our workflow optimization tools help to streamline the claims process, ultimately putting healthcare organizations in position to improve key operational and financial performance metrics that drive productivity and revenue.