Utilizing Data Analytics
To Maximize Operational Efficiency

Revenue Cycle Gap Analysis

Understanding the nuances and issues that occur in the revenue cycle from the moment a patient is seen all the way through claims submission, processing and payment are essential to accurately maximizing your organizational output. Unforeseen occurrences could negatively impact your organization and with regulations and payer requirements changing almost daily, it is vital to ensure that all potential revenue cycle gaps are identified, corrected and implemented.

Reconciling financial outcomes with front end processes are the key to optimizing the revenue cycle. To obtain an understanding of the entire claims spectrum from scheduling & benefit verification, to billing and payment, and finally to patient payment and experience, all steps and resources must be observed in order to maximize the potential for reimbursement and promote better outcomes.

Vee Technologies offers services specialized to identify gaps in the revenue cycle and identify solutions and technology that can enhance your current processes and improve your bottom line.

Our services include:

  • Enhanced analytical data to identify key performance indicators
  • Revenue cycle analysis to identify potential areas of improvement
  • Workflow automation solutions