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Virtual Scribe Services

Allow our virtual scribes to provide you with additional time by documenting encounters directly into your EMR.

The world is changing at a rapid pace. The digital age has connected individuals in ways never before imagined. With this change comes exciting new possibilities that can impact our daily lives and the businesses that we run. In healthcare, clinical outcomes are exceptionally important, and one of the most prominent issues providers face is a lack of time due to the increasing amount of clerical duties.

While most healthcare providers are familiar with an in-person medical scribe, a virtual scribe is less understood and extremely underutilized. Vee Technologies’ intuitive platform records the patient visit, at which point a scribe listens to the HIPAA-secured audio recording of the encounter and then enters pertinent information into the EMR as directed by the provider. The provider / scribe relationship is maintained, and the provider has an opportunity each day to discuss the previous day's notes with the scribe.

The virtual scribe is in a remote location that utilizes HIPAA compliant technology to navigate and enter clinical notes into the EMR, and the encounter recording can take place on a Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone or iPad. At the end of each session, the provider uploads the audio to the scribe through a secure platform. The scribe then accesses the recording and works directly in the provider software environment to enter the notes for the encounter following standard documentation guidelines, allowing the provider to focus solely on the care of their patient. In addition to increased patient satisfaction, physician burden is reduced through a decrease in administrative tasks, providing additional time to see patients. All medical records are ready for provider sign off within 24 hours of the visit, resulting in minimal turn-around-time for claim submission.

Addressing the Needs of Today, With the Technology of Tomorrow

The advantages of Virtual Scribe Services:

  • Providers can focus on the patient rather than documenting the encounter
  • Provider productivity improves
  • Providers can see 10-15% additional patients per day
  • Improved work-life balance as our scribes save upwards of 2-3 hours of a provider's time per day
  • Increases doctor/patient time
  • Improves patient care satisfaction
  • Ability to listen, replay, and ensure the services are documented accurately
  • Increases provider efficiency
  • Provider indemnification as the encounter is recorded
  • Alleviates onsite scribe scheduling and no-show issues
  • Flexible availability
  • System agnostic
  • Reduces administrative functions
  • Increase accuracy and specificity in documentation

Virtual Scribe Services eliminate the burden providers face with medical chart documentation and is built to streamline the way that care is delivered.

At Vee Technologies, we create Extraordinary Outcomes by delivering accuracy, competency, and collaborative teamwork that are designed to enhance productivity and maximize revenue.

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