Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Coding

  • Risk Adjustment Retrospective and Prospective Chart Reviews for both MRA and CRA.
  • Correct coding to the highest specificity, based on the provider documentation, to maximize risk scores.
  • Certified, clinical coders (CPC, CCS, CRC) for in-depth, focused chart review.
  • Physician on staff to educate providers on documentation.
  • Validate documentation on all diagnosis codes in chart and codes hitting HCCs.
  • Key documentation errors highlighted.
  • Physician Chart Audit summary reports for HCC coding improvement opportunities and education.

Using Technology To Improve Claims Management for Healthcare Payers

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Case Studies
Risk Score Optimization through CDI
Scope: A major university-based health system wanted a thorough review of their documentation to see if it was supporting the level of care they are providing to the risk adjusted patient population.
Provider Data Management - Process Innovation and Technology Result in Cost Savings
The Challenge: A cost intensive update process required checking data on all provider information update forms, rather than the ones which were actually changed (typically only 40%).