Facilitating Clinical Review
To Minimize Fraudulent Activity

Clinical Reviews - Workers Comp, Auto No Fault

At Vee Technologies, we provide clinical review services performed by our highly experienced, specialist physicians and nurses who assess the care needs that were performed. Following the assessment, we provide a detailed report which determines the patient’s eligibility for continuing healthcare. Our claims review or utilization review services help health insurance companies research a request for medical treatment. We have a large pool of qualified physicians and nurses who review such requests for specific services and procedures, then determine medical necessity and identify appropriate treatments for industrial injuries, motor vehicle injuries, etc. These services allow healthcare payers to minimize costs and determine whether the recommended treatment is appropriate or not.

The main purpose of our clinical reviews is to:

  • Determine eligibility of coverage
  • Precertification of medical services
  • Processing the right claims

We examine a comprehensive range of medical records, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Tests ordered – laboratory, radiology, pathology, etc.
  • Therapeutic/diagnostic services recommended
  • Hospital discharge summaries
  • Consultation from other physicians
  • Ancillary services

Whether you want to determine the medical necessity, member eligibility, or just validate the coding accuracy for the services requested or rendered, we are here to help. With our suite services, you will be able to quickly determine whether the claims are genuine or whether there are fraudulent and material misinterpretations.