Studio Design

The goal of many successful businesses is the physical creation and collection of desired skills, in the form of a studio design, along with producing an output that provides a high level of value to the business. The studio design is fine art to businesses looking to acquire specific skills, reduce costs, and improve deliveries.

Two of the most common traditional design models which address business growth are:

  • The standard business model: This involves hiring resources, providing training, and deploying them into the business. The hope is that these resources will perform, stay with the company, and contribute over time.
  • The outsourcing model: This involves work given to the subcontractor who performs the work with whatever resources are available. These resources may or may not have the skills required; therefore, companies see mixed results in quality, delivery, and cost.

Neither of the traditional models are ideal, but what if you could build a studio comprised of required defined skills? At Vee Technologies, we are designing studios for our clients through our global business model, which enables them to acquire specific individual or combined skills. The studio can then provide the specific business output that is desired.

The Process

Our consultative approach with our clients starts with an assessment. This process involves a review of areas in which our clients are faced with growth, a lack of resources with desired skills, cost challenges, delivery issues, and personnel that is performing tasks below their position description.

The assessment reviews the following:

  • Specific skills required
  • Volumes / Body of work required
  • Experience level
  • Domain experience (engineering, IT, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, etc.)
  • Labor cost objectives

After the assessment, our team develops the studio design specific to the client’s needs. Below are two examples of studio designs.

Studio Design Graph

After the client has agreed to the design of the studio, Vee Technologies begins building, based on the skills and requirements of the client. Below is the flowchart showing the studio build process.

Studio Design Build Process

Implementation with the client is a critical step in the overall studio design. We have developed comprehensive processes that ensure seamless integration of the studio with our clients. Below is a process flow diagram that depicts the process.

Studio Design process flow diagram

Studio design and implementation have been the solution for many Vee Technologies clients, allowing them to acquire the right skills, reduce costs and complete projects on time.

Byron James

Meet the Author

Byron James - Assistant Vice President Client Services & Operations

Byron James is the Assistant Vice Client Services & Operations for Vee Technologies where he directs the sales team, manages projects nationwide, and develops organizational strategies. His areas of expertise cover a broad range of services and technologies in the fields of product engineering, architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, (MEP) and information technology. Byron holds a patent for software that enables business collaboration from his work at IBM.

Studio Design