Recognizing The Form & Function Of

Residential Architecture

Vee Technologies is helping Architects solve residential design challenges by collaboration of full designs. The paper discusses a sample of our residential design work.

Residential architectural designs are the footprints of our society and communities. As our living and generational preferences constantly evolve, architectural firms are continuously challenged. The many facades and styles of residential architecture are represented in neighborhoods globally, contributing to the diverse and unique characteristics that help define and enhance our communities and cultures.

This sample design is of a private residence located in Kansas with 6,600 square feet on two floors and consists of 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 4 car garage, courtyard, formal & informal living rooms, media room, a home gym, indoor and outdoor bars and a lovely pool and entertaining space.

Focusing on the basis of form following function and structural qualities, this home’s design included a centralized courtyard space with trees and lush vegetation which played a major role in softening and blending the inside with outside, creating a visually pleasing, light and airy residential retreat.

Floor Plan Residential Architecture

As mentioned, this home’s design was floor plan driven for functionality and focused on the layouts, room sizes, and relationships to each other that were carefully plotted before designing the form and style of the dwelling. Climate conditions were evaluated, and design elements used to create a naturally cool climate with cross ventilation in the warmer months, while providing proper insulation during the winter, which is an important factor in Kansas for both seasons. These elements also helped in enabling an environmentally efficient, energy-saving and sustainable home using green technology, components, and systems.

Local codes and restrictions played a large part in determining how the form and facades would come together. Heights, sizes, setback requirements, and lot location-specific regulations were all taken into consideration with the use of architectural creativity to establish these aesthetically pleasing results.

The roofing is not only functional for drainage but also harmoniously reflecting the traditional elements of the surrounding houses and brings a modern organic feel which fits the framework and desires of the homeowner without disturbing the context and environment.

House Residential Architecture
West Elevation

Along with the conceptual and schematic design, our team of architects worked on the design development through to construction documents. They included interior and exterior renderings to bring the project to life, pre-construction, and enabled our client to be fully engaged and aware of each step of the design process, such as the feel of interior spaces and the emotions they would evoke. This in turn allowed them to make material, space, or color changes prior to the construction process.

Living Spaces Residential Architecture

Designing residential spaces should incorporate and fully encapsulate the senses of the inhabitant as well as illustrate their sense of self and lifestyle. To stimulate these perceptions, we not only created and developed the design using architectural language (in our technical drawings) but also visual language (renderings throughout the process) as a more familiar medium. In this project, we showed the evidence that form and function can go hand in hand, standing out but also fitting into the environment. As the world changes and our clients evolve, we continue to transform and push the envelope of architectural design.

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Marissa Jacobson serves as the Engineering Client Operations Director and BIM Manager at Vee Technologies. She has over 10 years of experience in architecture and engineering with extensive commercial, residential, and institutional project portfolios with an emphasis on design and management. Marissa fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing design, quality, and technical performance. Her strong communication and client relationships skills enhance Vee Technologies process-driven management style.

Recognizing The Form & Function Of Residential Architecture