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How do businesses meet the challenges of growth, competition, and ever-changing market conditions? The Vee Technologies solution is, quite simply, our global business model. Our model provides clients with well-established processes, industry-leading quality, improved capabilities, reduced costs, shorter workflow cycle times, governance, and a covenant relationship.

With the build out infrastructure in the United States, the workload has increased for firms providing architecture, MEP, and construction. These firms cannot keep up with the demand and require experienced, highly-skilled resources to execute the engineering work. A client of Vee Technologies, specializing in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) industry, was once challenged with growth and expanding its market presence. The main challenges they faced were finding the right skilled engineers, reasonable labor costs, and a long-term strategic partner. Through analysis and meetings with Vee Technologies, it was clear that our company could meet those challenges by our global business approach.

Our client suffered from:

  • Inability to complete projects within schedule
  • Employees were overworked and lacking motivation
  • Lost revenue on current projects and inability to start new ones
  • In danger of blemishing their reputation in the market
  • Stressed management through the lack of long-term solutions
  • Growth and office expansion, a dream without a strategy

Our Solution

Through face to face meetings and site visits, our team of seasoned professionals, as well as client management, strategized ways to solve their problems. It started with a clean sheet of paper, listing problems and ideas. The ideas included placing Vee Technologies’ staff at their facilities, moving portions of work to our company and taking repetitive tasks performed by their engineers and having Vee Technologies take them over. Ultimately, it was decided to build an identical global team that mirrored our client’s engineering resources because it provided a much need capacity in all areas of their business.

The formation of the global team enabled us to acquire resources from both our United States and India offices. Our local resources provided onsite technical interfacing and our team in India provided the backbone because engineers with vast backgrounds and experience levels are abundant.

Global Team

Our client viewed the global team as an extension of their current staff and acting as a remote office. The global team was configured to meet our clients exacting skills, experience, and engineering disciplines. This enabled our client to build a global team without all the cost associated with offices, infrastructure, and management while benefitting from the qualified resources they needed. The global team came with well-established processes, high quality, governance, weekly reports, peak performance, and suggestions for improvement.

Today, our client is enjoying and benefiting from their global team. They have been able to improve project schedules, reduce project costs, and improve quality. Having this global team has enabled the realization of meeting current growth and the ability to expand to other markets. Below is a summary of the team as it developed, and benefits our client is realizing from the implementation of the global team.

Team Members

The data above represents a current global team of 21 members and projected growth to 30 by year end 2018. The engineering disciplines are mirrored with our client and are balanced. The monthly labor savings is a direct comparison by number of engineers at our cost versus the client costs.

At Vee Technologies, our recipe for success is a vision of global prosperity. This vision is achieved through the empowerment of our employees, significantly satisfied clients, and all who benefit from our services. The key ingredients within Vee Technologies are our accuracy, competency, and teamwork. Through global presence in the United States and India, our company operates as one entity. Through a set of well-defined business processes, we create a rhythm of seamless communication internally and with our clients, covering the entire spectrum of the business cycle from marketing, sales, operations, and clients.

Byron James

Meet the Author

Byron James - Assistant Vice President Client Services & Operations

Byron James is the Assistant Vice President Client Services & Operations for Vee Technologies where he directs the sales team, manages projects nationwide, and develops organizational strategies. His areas of expertise cover a broad range of services and technologies in the fields of product engineering, architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, (MEP) and information technology. Byron holds a patent for software that enables business collaboration from his work at IBM.

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