Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Studio Inequality Solutions

Not all of Vee Technologies’ AEC studios are equal – some operate at higher levels than others. In order to improve all AEC studios across the board, it makes sense to study the high performers and determine why they are working so well. With the knowledge gained, it can be applied to our existing and new studios to ensure they can become high performers as well.

High-Performance Delivery

High-performing AEC studios nearly always contain the following attributes:

  • Having a highly experienced Team Leader with a long tenure in AEC
  • Maintaining a motivational and knowledgeable team
  • Maintaining desire for both learning and success
  • Bonding on more than just a work level
  • Quarterbacking the client experience; clients want added value and an exceptional experience
  • Sharing of knowledge and best practices
  • Answering all questions, solving their problems and establishing credibility with the client.
  • Utilizing the proper candidates, architects for architectural work, MEP engineers for MEP work, etc.
  • Ensuring the studio is set for success with all software and hardware ready along with the appropriate licenses timed for the start date
  • Leveraging the power of video
  • Tracking success. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
  • Communication, communication, communication

High-performing AEC studios nearly always start with good, effective personnel who rely on a very proficient HR recruiting set up. The recruitment process that Vee Technologies follows removes most of the unsuitable candidates before they are ever put in front of clients. The Hiring Score Card shown below is used to ensure that all details of a potential candidate are captured and can easily be presented to every member of the team.

NameA. N. Other
Mobile number 5556025728
Designation Lead Architect
Qualification B. Arch
Experience in years 10 years
Software Tools Revit, NavisWorks, AutoCad
Relevant Technical Experience 10 Years
Communication Skills Good
Current Company Acme Pvt. Ltd Co.
Project Details Highrise Building
Worked on (Indian, USA, UK) standards
Current CTC 13 LPA
Expected CTC 13.5 LPA
Notice period 30 Days
Current Location Pune
Preferred (Hiring Location) Bangalore
Name of the Recruiter John Doe

Once we have a suitable candidate, they receive an extensive coaching session on everything they may encounter before they engage in the client/candidate interview. Note that we are fitting the skills of the candidate to the needs of the client rather than putting just any random worker in the studio.

Establishing a high-performing studio means that it must have a voice. A particular candidate is chosen to be the team leader and he or she must set up communication channels between the India studio and the client’s studio. It has been determined by experience that a Senior Manager from the client must be involved to give stability to the India studio. A good team leader will then establish positive rapport with both the U.S. and India teams. The management of the teams’ projects and timings are then conducted by the AEC studio manager.

This is the make-up of a typically high-performing studio:

Vee Technologies Organizational Chart - Graph

Putting this new approach into effect will increase the quality of Vee Technologies’ studios, while increasing client appreciation. Experience gained from the initial studio concept continues to be honed to produce higher performing studios by well managed and productive personnel who are the right fit in the right place at the right time.


Meet the Author

Richard Black - Assistant Director Engineering Operations

Richard Black serves as the Director of Engineering Operations at Vee Technologies. He collaborates with customers in the development of new designs, product requirements, and improvements to existing designs. Richard also manages the overall customer relationship with a focus on adherence to design schedules, technical requirements, and quality. Richard has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and has been awarded five design patents.

AEC Studio Inequality Solutions