A Reputed
Automotive Company

Shipping Rack


To carry out 3D modeling and detailing of shipping/storage racks for a reputed automotive company.


The rack is used to ship automotive components from the supplier site to the assembly site. The design had to accommodate maximum shipping density, ensure component protection, and ergonomics.


Design the system to meet the technical specifications, meet the performance requirements, and prove the concept and provide manufacturing drawings on approval of concept. Then, this had to be integrated with the feed and delivery lines.


3D model of the component and layout drawing.


Manufacturing drawings in SolidWorks.

The Challenge:

Design of racks for fragile components like wind shields, along with a quick turnaround time of 48 hours.

Value Addition:

Engineering Effort: 20 hours per rack

Other Benefits: The client benefitted from quick turnaround time and was able to improve the business by 30%.