An International
Architectural Firm

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An International Architectural Firm

The Challenge:

An international architectural firm specializing in custom luxury home designs approached us for converting their drawings from Raster to Vector format. As the client is in the business for over 60 years, they had numerous drawings. So, the need for the converted images was growing at an enormous rate and they expected the conversion to be completed within a quick turn-around time.

The challenge was to professionally draw easily editable images with a high degree of accuracy, in a short time frame. The greater challenge was that the turnaround time increased steeply, to meet high demands of the client.

The Solution:

Considering the volume of the drawings, our team of experts refined the inadequate content of Raster Images into dimensionally accurate, high-quality CAD files. Similarly, we also have expertise in carrying out various projects such as Site Plans, Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, Roof Plans, Foundation Plans, Electrical Plans, HAVC, and etc.

The Benefits:

The project was completed with very high drawing accuracy. As the client was highly satisfied they decided to get extend support from our engineering services. This gave Vee Technologies a chance to emerge as a value-adding services provider in the market.