Business Intelligence & Dashboards

When the future of your organization depends on the accuracy, efficiency, and speed of the decisions you take, it makes sense to streamline all your business intelligence in a format that is easy to see and easy to use. Our reporting platform system can pull data from any data source in any data format.

The old adage 'Knowledge is power' holds special significance today. Every day, business leaders and managers around the world are faced with literally millions of gigabytes of business intelligence in the form of hard data. This helps analyze risks and make informed decisions.

Business dashboard solutions and report automation enables you to see the performance of your organization, team, or the progress of your project's performance at a glance. This saves you time and valuable resources. It also gives you greater speed and accuracy when making business decisions.

Vee Technologies - IT Services division specializes in creating business dashboard and report automation solutions that convert business intelligence into actionable data. We create interactive, real-time dashboards with intuitive interfaces that make it easy to use for even non-technical personnel. Our executive business dashboards are designed to provide all the business intelligence data you need to make powerful decisions in a format that is elegant visually and stimulating intellectually.Our business dashboard solutions can be used for a variety of industry verticals, ranging from human resources to finance, healthcare to hospitality, manufacturing to education. Being able to visually monitor and analyze performance, results, etc., has helped businesses increase efficiency, predict outcomes, and take well calculated risks


  • Improved collaboration among stakeholders
  • View and understand reports and backlogs in a much shorter time
  • Get high tech by eliminating the need for manual spreadsheet reporting
  • Forecast and historical reports for more insightful analysis
  • One-click, personalized and real-time access to the data that matters

All these benefits make investing in a business dashboard solution one of the best decisions you can take. We create customized solutions for business dashboards that seamlessly integrate report automation into your work cycle, making your day flow smoother and easier.

Just send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view to see how we can help you streamline your business intelligence with our dashboard and report solutions.

Case Studies
Background: We created a mobile app for one of the leading Third Party Administrators in the US to supplement their existing website. For consistency, it is important that any functionality available within the mobile app also be available on the website.
Artificial Intelligence - Gamification
Background: The App helps improve the communication skills of children. It includes listening, questioning, understanding, and responding through poetry, prose, gamification, and IBM Watson.