Invoice Processing

Our invoice processing solutions ensures that your organization's manpower is free to contribute toward your core business. We undertake the complete back-end transaction and invoice processing duties for many organizations. Invoice processing management helps vendors accurately recognize product positions , AR, and your business position.

Vee Technologies has the expertise and domain knowledge to execute this processing. Vee has a very strong team of highly qualified software programmers & analysts who are actively involved in providing support functions for the data processing team.

Processing invoices includes:

  • Delivery of invoices
  • Verification of receipts
  • Comparison to purchase authorization
  • Payment
  • Invoice consolidation
  • Invoice details verification
  • Invoice submission
  • Invoice remittance

We use state-of-the-art software and technologies for all processing services, such as OCR and ICR recognition technology. We also use our in-house developed software which accurately captures data like date, vendor ID, line item and total amounts.

Vee Technologies uses a result oriented, methodology to process invoices.

  • We receive your scanned invoices.
  • Processors from our expert data entry teams access the invoices using advanced data recognition software.
  • The data entry process begins.
  • All required fields such as date, vendor, line item and invoice amounts, etc. are entered into a given electronic format.
  • Comparison to the purchase authorization is done.
  • The output is compatible to all ERP systems including SAP.
  • The report is ready in an electronic format and entered into your accounts payable system.

Vee Technologies is equipped to handle large volumes of invoice processing work, with a high level of quality and accuracy, in a shorter period of time.

Case Studies
Combining Domain Expertise And Process Knowledge
The client predominantly uses the services of the travel services company, which was the primary booking agent, to book hotel accommodations, air travel, rail travel, car hire, and event Management services as per the current internal travel policy.
Solution To Large Volume Of Accounts Payable Bills
Big Air carriers received large amount of non-passenger Accounts Payable Invoices. It was a challenge for them to integrate these invoices into their SAP ERP system.