Freight Bill Processing

Vee Technologies effectively enhances Freight Bill processes through state-of-the-art information management systems and dedicated operations teams. We convert manual freight bill processing to automated rating and EDI invoice submission, thereby providing your company the efficiency and cost reductions associated with an aggressive EDI migration path.

Freight payments are complex transactions and processing those means allocation of resources, funds, and personnel. A Freight Bill issued by a carrier sets forth the details of shipment and the terms of shipment. In Freight Bill processing, Vee Technologies offers processing services from receipt of the bill to their payment in a manner consistent with your requirements. The process employs cost efficient methods in gathering data, and then matching and integrating it to create valuable information for decision making.

Freight Bill Processing Services

Vee Technologies all-inclusive Freight Bill processing services range from receipt of the bill to their payments, in accordance with your requirements. The entire process is done using resourceful methods for data collection from you and your suppliers. The resultant output is used to create the necessary information for your decision making processes.

How is a Freight Bill Processed at Vee Technologies? The Freight Bill of lading are scanned and saved on your server. We access these images and perform the data entry and first level verification processes, which will identify and remove duplicates.Second level data indexing is performed.The resultant output is directly saved into your database.

Auditing Processing

The Freight Bills indexed are compared through advanced billing software, for the amount charged by the carrier.

  • If there is a difference between the billed amount and the amount payable as per the contract, Freight Bill auditing is carried out.
  • The billed amount is compared to your contractual obligation to pay on the bill. We resolve the billed amount difference by recommending the amount to be paid on this bill based on the contract.
  • Freight Bills which are above a certain specified amount, and bills where the accessorial charges exceed a predetermined percentage to the total amount, are audited for maximum accuracy.
Case Studies
Combining Domain Expertise And Process Knowledge
The client predominantly uses the services of the travel services company, which was the primary booking agent, to book hotel accommodations, air travel, rail travel, car hire, and event Management services as per the current internal travel policy.
Solution To Large Volume Of Accounts Payable Bills
Big Air carriers received large amount of non-passenger Accounts Payable Invoices. It was a challenge for them to integrate these invoices into their SAP ERP system.