Driver Log Entry

Vee Technologies has state-of-the-art tools and technology to capture data from drivers' log documents and process them according to your specifications. The driver's log is an important document that is used to observe and maintain the working pattern of commercial truck drivers on a daily basis. This can be done manually or electronically using driver log software.The information available on the log includes number of work hours, number of hours driving, distance covered, as well as details on the vehicle performance. This is not only a record on the driver's working pattern, but also serves as a reconditioning resource for the vehicle.

It is important to maintain accurate and easily accessible driver's logs because of federal regulations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations stipulate that a commercial truck driver should log not more than 10 hours of driving, followed by at least 8 hours of rest. This is to ensure that drivers are not overworked, which lead to exhaustion and the possibility of accidents.

To ensure that this rule is enforced, the Federal Government has standardized the maintenance of Driver Log Documents. Further, the regulation mandates that a 'graph grid' be maintained by the driver that will indicate the time spent by the driver while:

  • Driving
  • On duty but not driving
  • In the sleeper berth (if a sleeper berth is used)
  • Off duty

Vee Technologies helps you maintain accurate driver log documents by implementing a meticulous process as follows:

  • Driver's logs are provided by you in many available ways
  • Using advanced data capturing software, we capture all the details, both from text and image formats
  • Verification of the entire data takes place.
  • Our data entry teams enter the verified data into a given electronic format.
  • The driver's log data is now ready for you to access.

Our streamlined process saves you time and resources that can be utilized for other core business operations.

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