Clinics (Hospital based & Physician)

  • Vee Technologies certified hospital coders are proficient in multiple specialties including: ancillary diagnostics, Diabetic education, growth hormone testing, op labs, obstetric visits, physical therapy/social therapy, Echo/EKG/EEG, cardiopulmonary, and pain management.
  • Professional coders are industry certified and experienced in coding for pediatric and adolescent care, family care centers, surgical centers, women's wellness clinics, podiatry, orthopedic care, cardiology, family planning, chronic condition management, and IVR.
  • Coders train on NCCI policies that help clients decrease denial rates and avoid delay in payments.
Case Studies
High Aged And Complex AR
The Client: A leading, multi-specialty medical group and health system, this customer has multiple outpatient specialties with 300+ physicians. Approximately $600M+ in charges and $170M+ in collections annually.
Coding Auditing RAC - Health System
Client Details: For a major health system with multiple hospitals located across the state, Vee Technologies provides various services including Coding, Auditing, and RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) review.