ICD 10

ICD 10

International classification of disease in its 10th revision (ICD 10) intends to integrate changes in the changing healthcare and medical landscape. An established leader in the healthcare domain with decades of experience, Vee Technologies offers more opportunities for evidence based practice and greater insights for augmenting grouping and reimbursement processes.


  • Cost saving in “Capex” for technology adoption for ICD 10 implementation
  • Business continuity with respect to coding high dollar charts whilst implementation and after “Go Live”
  • Helping to maintain DNFB less than 12 days during implementation and after go live
  • Seamless migration to ICD 10

Impact Assessment

  • We will evaluate your software and business processes to identify where diagnostic information (or ICD-9 codes) is used.
  • We will determine how your software and business processes would need to change to accommodate new ICD-10 codmagices.
  • We will advise and implement clinical documentation improvement, electronic health records, data storage and reporting, claims processing, practice management systems and customer service as per our assessment

Assess Business Associate compliance

Vee Technologies will discuss with your clinical, IT and administrative staff about ICD-10 to understand and assess:

  • Implementation plan with dates for training, testing and implementation
  • If a system upgrade or replacement required to accommodate ICD-10
  • The capability of running dual coding systems to accommodate a run-out period
  • Integration testing for the software
  • The technological partner will be able to provide the education, training and testing support you need.

Testing Strategies

  • We will develop a comprehensive test plan that includes your software and both internal and external business processes.
  • We will create test case scenarios for simple and complex process workflows.
  • We will test internal processes and external transactions with your billing service, clearinghouse, payers and software vendors.

Training Strategies

  • With payers exploring the implications of rejecting claims with ICD-9 codes with dates of service on and after October 1, 2014, training and education becomes important in ensuring that submitted claims are accepted.
  • We will identify staff in your office who work with diagnostic codes and determine the extent of their training requirements.
  • We will train Coding staff to update/increase their knowledge of anatomy, physiology and surgical procedures.
  • We will train physicians and nurses on new requirements for clinical documentation.

Vee Technologies ICD 10 coding support

  • Coding support for inventory over flow after implementation date especially on high dollar charts/volumes.
  • Coding back up for reducing DNFB due to internal staff training on ICD 10
  • Provider education for documentation improvement to be ICD 10 compliant
  • Dual coding support after implementation date