Quality and Security

Our Secret: Education and Kaisen

At Vee Technologies USA, we believe that a high level of education delivers the highest level of service for our customers. Therefore, the majority of our first line of recruits comes from Sona University and a group of colleges owned by our parent company, The Sona Group With over 10,000 students on campus, we tap into a phenomenal talent pool of brilliant recruits. We then offer courses in management, technology and vocational skills that match the needs of our customers and their specific transactions.  This ensures that the new team members entering Vee Technologies USA are ramped up, highly skilled and ready to work for our customers from day one.

Our Human Capital team focuses on recruiting candidates who are looking for a long-term career rather than short-term jobs. The talented employees who walk into our organization for entry level positions are extensively tested and then absorbed into highly focused training for one or various industry segments, depending on their aptitudes and creativity.

Training and education never ends at Vee Technologies USA.  By embracing the Kaisen approach to Continuous Improvement we ensure that our clients receive – on average – a 98.9% accuracy rate in the work entrusted to us. 

On top of our own internal training, our extensive experience with on-site training for our customers guarantees the most efficient, smooth and superior level of collaboration possible.  By collaborating at this level, we truly enjoy the position of being an extended arm for our valued clients…a position we value at Vee Technologies USA.