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Our Parent Company

For more than 70 years, The Sona Valliappa Group, has stood as a pillar of strength and an innovator, first in India and now across the globe.Incorporated in 1938 and with headquarters in Bangalore, this multifaceted organisation has grown from plantations and real estate to textiles and global investments.

Group Services

Plantations: The Group farms pepper, cardamom and coffee

Construction: Catering to the real estate needs of South India, especially Bangalore, which is India's IT centre. The Group offers `instant start and uplink' facilities.

Textiles: Once the largest textile company in the world, 50% of what The Group produces goes to countries like Belgium, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Australia and South Korea.

Global Investments: The Group has earned the trust and faith of the people it services.