Electronic Medical Records

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a secured digital version of a paper based record for a patient. Within a single healthcare facility, EMR goes beyond just data and contains comprehensive medical and treatment records like error free patient history, customized and scalable reports, medical transcription, billing information and other important details for a complete patient profile.

Electronic Legal Medical Records:

To improve the quality and cost effectiveness of patient care, Vee Technologies has launched VeeCharts. VeeCharts is an Electronic Integrated Records and Chart Management System which optimizes care with a single view of patient records.

Another software which is developed in house is VeeCapture. This sophisticated Document Management Solutions Software helps healthcare entities manage critical medical records

Benefits of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with us:

An EMR system makes healthcare process more efficient and less expensive, streamlines workflow and improves speed with productivity while preserving the accurateness of data.

EMR technology allows the healthcare practitioners store electronically secured medical records of patients for proper back-up. Much more advanced than the traditional system of storing information, EMR not only enables patient’s information and history for scheduled appointments but also stores patient charts for easy and quick retrieval.

With highest possible security, EMR system records data with backup files after checking and cross checking for location and integrity. Our double security system acts as a "preventative medicine" for record viruses. We are protected by our stringent certified security standard of HIPAA.

We are making life easier for both practitioners and patients by our process focussed solutions. Our experienced medical billing specialists with deep process knowledge offers 24X7 support via the EMR software. The software provides right from medical codes (ICD-9, ICD-10, HIPAA, HCFA 1500) to the latest CPD code books.

Now, EMR allows users to download information right onto their digital device. It can also be accessed online irrespective of locations.

Thanks to online technology EMR software saves care costs. With reduced implementation and overheads costs and monthly fee based usage, EMR makes return on investment (ROI) for practices faster.

With ENR there is no need to incur huge IT infrastructure and ancillary expenditure. The entire infrastructure is zipped into a simple extensive online database for single or multiple office process flow sustenance.

Versatility and efficiency
The EMR software stores medical transcription SOAP notes and empowers users to patient information. It makes the process easy compared to paper based processes thus improving the efficiency of medical record and reducing time and costs. It also improves medical office management.

Transition to EMR not only just improves efficiency, but also improves all-round patient care by offering easier recovery of exclusive patient information. The system manages, shares, integrates patient history for comprehensive easy-to-use information.

Improve quality of care
Comprehensive patient care information revolves around consolidation and integration of patient information. From large healthcare systems to small physician practices, EMR system gives hospital staff, doctors gain access to patient data while complying to privacy clauses for efficient, coordinated, reliable and high-quality care.

Administrative and management benefits
The EMR system significantly reduces the need for paper, drives down fixed expenses from the likes of paper based fees. It allows healthcare providers to track data over timeline, gain more accuracy, increase patient engagement and coordination, identify patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings, monitor patient improvement regularly.