Cargo Tracking and Tracing

We Move To Improve like No One Else

Migrating from an on-site, manual processing model for cargo paperwork instantly translates into significant – up to 30% – cost-savings benefits for your company.  Whether you choose to automate your entire processing needs or only a few transactions, we will customize a solution that perfectly fits your business practices and the intricacies of your organization.

Benefits of working with Vee Technologies USA:

  • Give superior customer service and build a closer relation with your trading partner
  • Reduction of data entry errors and a shorter ordering cycle
  • Personnel reductions
  • Competitive advantage when selling to large, EDI capable customers
  • Potential for faster payment process
  • Decrease of on-hand inventories

Our services:

  • Tracking and tracing
  • P.O. entries
  • EDI implementation
  • Weight reconciliation