Third Party Logistics Outsourcing Services and BPO Solutions for Logistics Industry

Turn Your Data Nightmare Into A Logistics Dream Come True

Why not make the jump today to a truly integrated logistics solution for your company, customized just the way you need it. We are agile and specialized in creating customized business models.  Let us architect a solution that specifically fits your company’s needs to reduce inventory, lower logistics costs, provide efficient documentation and supply all required information for your stakeholders and decision makers.

Vee Technologies USA offers a one stop 3PL end-to-end solution for transaction processing and support services…so you can focus on your core business.

For over a decade, our highly skilled team has been a trusted partner for airlines, retailers, truckers, and the leading logistics facilitators here in the U.S.  If you are facing similar circumstances as your industry colleagues, then you are experiencing the following challenges:

  • Rapid increases in expense and overhead costs across all areas of your operation
  • Difficulty hiring and retaining skilled administrative resources
  • Too much management focus on non-core business functions

By partnering with Vee Technologies USA, you will have the major advantage of finally being able to focus your key personnel on core issues within your company.  We possess in-depth domain knowledge in logistics and this expertise is innovatively carried out into every transaction process. We work closely with 3PL, trucking companies, freight forwarders, rail lines, intermediaries, shippers and carriers.  We proudly act as the extended logistics arm for leading Fortune 100 companies across the globe. We understand the value, time, and accuracy needed in logistics and we are more than qualified to fulfill these expectations.

How We Can Help:

  • Processing full or partial truck load shipments
  • Freight bills
  • Invoices
  • Scrutiny and processing of bills of lading (including sea and airway)
  • Reconciliation of weight, including weight certificate
  • Bill auditing
  • Verification of freight charges, cross-referencing rate contracts
  • Rate contract management

All of these procedures involve multiple levels of indexing, processing, security and auditing. We have expertise in EDI implementation and in conversion of hard copies to EDI.

Why not give us a call to setup a pilot?  Our dedicated expert logistics team will free up your time so you can focus on the most important matters within your company by transitioning your non-core logistics processes to a trusted partner, Vee Technologies USA.