Count On Us For Your Manual Labor Intensive PPO Repricing Process

Are you using your own time to re-price claims in-house for the PPO Networks that your clients utilize?  Partner with Vee Technologies USA and migrate this manual labor intensive project away from your own valuable human resources so they can focus on more critical work.

We have direct connections with Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), including the major national PPOs.  Our team can route claims that started out in either paper form or electronic data to the proper PPO, regardless of whether you use the PPO's web-site, custom applications or spreadsheet fee schedules provided by the PPO.  The PPO re-prices the claim and either forwards the claim directly to the payer or back to our team for added processing.

Let us support your needs by providing table maintenance via state-of-the-art web enabled application software.  This system will effortlessly handle a wide selection of pricing options and houses complex inter-relationships within networks. Claims are run through our web-based repricing system where they are regularly re-priced based on negotiated rates by our clients. Daily claims repricing reports can be run and electronically dispatched to our clients or can be expedited directly to the clients' customers and providers.