Medicare Enrollment & Eligibility Services

Get Enrollment Right, Every Time

Every year, we work with more and more clients to handle their medicare enrollment and eligibility (E&E) process. Our experienced team provides the medicare enrollment and eligibility data for the boarding and determination processes. By entering directly into the client's legacy systems we are able to seamlessly handle the enrollment and eligibility process (the legacy system is the information system that would support the insurance enrollment and eligibility determination).

Our proprietary software has been programmed with a number of validation checks in the system which helps our enrollment and eligibility specialists to identify and rectify demographic discrepancies while enrolling the patients. The system identifies the demographic errors and generates a log to be used during the rectification process which may include information like gender, date of birth, address, marital status, etc.  This validated data helps us increase our productivity while our enrollment and eligibility (E&E) team enters into the client's legacy system for completing the enrollment process.