Go Green. Go Paperless. Go EDI

Although the eco-friendly “green” benefits for converting to EDI are undeniable, EDI has become one of the more powerful strategic business tools available to the industry because of the cost savings and relationship-building benefits it generates. Imagine the benefits to your business if your company is like most and re-keys 70% of printed computer output into another computer.  The competitive advantage of freeing up important staff member’s time to focus on your core business is undeniable

  • You have a ton of transactions that you want to connect to electronic data
  • One of your new or existing trading partners requires you to have an EDI solution in order to begin or continue doing business
  • You are prepared to drastically reduce the expenses in manual processing
  • Perhaps you already have an EDI solution but you feel there may be an innovative, aggressive and cutting-edge company with the latest technology that might offer a more cost-effective, better-integrated and more straightforward solution
  • Are you trying to migrate from EDI 4010 to EDI 5010?

This paperless processing of information between computers leads directly to the following:

  • Reduction in administrative costs, clerical errors and transaction cycle time
  • Improved inventory management
  • Improved communication, relationship with trading partners and in customer service
  • Improved management and forecasting information and overall productivity
  • Re-engineering and streamlining of internal administrative processes

Our translation services include:

  • Ability to send and receive your internal proprietary formats for ALL documents (single pipeline for ALL data) regardless of its origin or format
  • Customized mapping to your trading partners specifications
  • EDI to FAX document processing
  • Fax (form) to EDI conversion
  • Conversion from your internal codes to EDI standard value

Conversion of EDI claims to Tiff images

EDI data is essentially a string of numbers and values or any other image format like .JPG, which is not intelligent.  Our unique solution populates an image in tiff format on a HCFA-1500, UB92, dental claim or a vision claim. Our proprietary systems are able to populate outputs in any format you might require like ECSIF, X12N, 837, text, and more.  We also work on EDI 4010 & EDI 5010 for the following formats: 834, 835, 277, 276 and 999.