Data Entry Services

Enter Into Growing Your Business, Not Your Data

Our data capture services and data entry solutions for insurance payors give companies the ability to dramatically lower the cost of their hardware, software, staffing and training. Data entry services is often considered to be a mundane practice, but anyone familiar with insurance will realize that this is a critical, strategic and often demanding process.  In fact, just one or two mistakes can mean tens of thousands of dollars in losses in a single day and possibly even damage the reputation of the business.
Vee Technologies USA has been fine-tuning our expertise in working with insurance data in the U.S. since 2000.  We work around the clock, 24x7x365 so that our customer’s generate the best business outcomes possible today.

With our information capture techniques and customized solutions, you are given highly accurate data. We combine our thorough knowledge of medical claim forms with our IT expertise to guarantee accurate and efficient data capture. We employ OCR, double key and data validation tables to provide the highest quality data.
Quality is checked using ISO standards, audit procedures, as well as an "audit the auditor" processes to confirm audit integrity. We offer comprehensive online reporting to make sure you know the turnaround time, inventory, and accuracy of your data at all times. Many companies that offer such services will only state this but never risk evaluating it.  However, we implement a policy of providing you with the ‘Vee Guarantee’.  When we start up any project, we mutually agree with our client on the levels of quality and delivery.  Our clients never pay for claims past due or if the quality is not up to the agreed upon level.  By doing this, we are able to offer SLA (service level agreement) based pricing, which means that ‘you pay for what you get’.  

We presently capture data from over 25 million health claims per annum and over 15 million various other source documents. Utilizing the knowledge base of customer specified and industry standard rules, our proprietary software validates each claim to eliminate or ‘red flag’ errors before adjudication. Based on payer specific edits, claims will be denied during the validation process. We use state-of-the-art software like EMC Captiva Claim Pack, along with our own proprietary software, to guarantee the highest quality and validity of the data.
Our redundancy tracking systems confirm that all documents are accounted for throughout each and every step in the processing cycle. With real-time online status reporting, our clients obtain up to the moment information to better manage their business. The output of the data is in several formats including XML and HIPAA compliant ANSI standards, and can be incorporated with multiple databases.

Give us a call, enjoy the benefits of partnering with Vee Technologies USA

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) capabilities increase accuracy rates and productivity up to 99%
  • Significant reduction of misrecognized characters
  • Client defined output formats are received and returned through dedicated T1, VPN (Virtual Private Network) or secured FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites or digital media
  • Validation of critical data such as provider, member and diagnosis code using data from the transaction system
  • Output data is in multiple formats including XML and HIPAA compliant ANSI standards
  • Real-time status reporting via the internet
  • Easily create templates for forms processing, key-from-image, or image indexing
  • Can convert from any media to any electronic format
  • 12 to 24 hour turn-around time guaranteed
  • Scalable 365, 24 X 7 global operations