Healthcare Insurance Claims Processing

Enjoy Almost Real-Time Turnaround 365 Days A Year

In the past 6 years alone, our clients have entrusted more than 50 million claims to the capable hands of Vee Technologies USA. What makes us so attractive to our customers is our ability to offer top-notch quality (99%+ quality on a claim level) and our talent of providing an accelerated turn-around time of 12-48 hours.  We work 24x7x365 and our advanced transaction techniques allow us to compress the medical claims and forms processing cycle.

The key to our medical claims processes has been the methods that we have shaped and evolved over the years. We have integrated several small points that are unique to insurance claims processes like software tweaks in some cases or changing the process for a particular set of claims. Our unique advantage is found in the reservoir of knowledge that we have accumulated over the years. We have the ability to adjust our processes based on our clients’ needs and can address the why’s and how’s of any particular issue.

Medical Insurance Claims and Forms Processing System

Having worked with large U.S. insurance payors, TPAs and PPOs, we believe that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to a medical claims and forms processing system.  We have experience in working with several systems including EMC’s Captiva, Trizetto Facets and EMC’s Action Point and have also built our own systems that we use for some clients. Depending on the client and their particular needs, we and are able to come up with just the right system to improve our customer's business outcomes.  And since our main objectives always center around delivering top line quality at the most competent cost, we bring added-value to the table.

Let's talk and setup a pilot.  We can support your needs by processing the following types of claims:

  • HCFA1500/CMS1500
  • UB92/UB04
  • Dental
  • Miscellaneous (complex and non-standard)
  • Pends/correspondence
  • Enrollment forms processing
  • Enrollment & Eligibility
  • Vision

Our experience has given us the knowledge and credentials to move up the value chain from HCFA/CMS 1500 to UB04, to miscellaneous or non standard claims processing, to dental and vision insurance claims processing.