We hire bright talents like you and offer meaningful work, regular awards, rewards, fun environment and variety of learning and development programs. While working at Vee Technologies, your performance emphasizes your individuality, creativity, responsibility and ownership. We are a performance driven company, our human resource policies are designed to recognize employees who pursue excellence and create value for customers every single day, through collaboration and innovation.

We value employees who are with us for a long time. To improve their competency at cross functional levels, we encourage them to continually improve their skills and expertise through self-learning and organizational knowledge programs. We have a policy on providing employees one-up positions on rotations to get requisite experience for the next level.

We believe that real value is born out of innovation. Our employees are at the heart of innovation. By providing our employees with right tools and right culture, we encourage them to share ideas with us through idea pool scheme. We reward employees for their ideas. It promotes employee involvement in improving the work environment and processes.

Open Door Policy

Open Door management allows communication to take place from the bottom of the organization to its top. The purpose of our Open Door policy is to encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion about any matter of importance to an employee.

Fun @ work

To generate cheer among the cubicles, at Vee Technologies we help employees discover amazing experiences – from Fun Fridays to Theme Fridays, from Dance Days to Annual Quarterly Events, its choc-a-bloc calendar with fun and frills.

There are more. You will also have sweetening monthly birthday celebrations, spiritual festival dos, tooth for tooth teamwork tug-of-wars, lively fun games etc.

Our aim is to create favourable working condition in which a variety of personality types, from the excitable to naturally downbeat, from the traditionalist to the tattoo flexor, all can coexist and flourish together. Click here for Fun @ Work Gallery

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