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Billing Outsourcing Services: Changing Face of Medical Billing & Coding Outsourcing

Billing & Coding Outsourcing Services from India

Solve medical billing & healthcare revenue cycle management issues through strategic outsourcing

Every year, a colossal $350 million is spent to submit and process claims in the healthcare industry, stated a Dell report. No wonder, the number is only going to up and further up in the future. Equally disheartening to see how hospitals and healthcare centers are finding it difficult to liquidate various streams of revenue. Reimbursements are down from both government and commercial payors. Issues like juggling several major initiatives at one go because the gigantic ICD-10 storm is about to hit the shore, lack of experienced talents in high priority areas, narrowing margins are  complicating things even more.

So, how healthcare as an industry is poised for the changes, challenges and subsequent growth? What undercurrents are influencing the sector now? What problems hospitals are struggling with? Take a look at the trends that healthcare professionals must know to stay relevant in the game. Click to know more about how Medical Billing & Coding Outsourcing is evolving in the changing Revenue Cycle Management milieu. Image courtesy: ddpavumba/ 

India – A Boon To US Healthcare Providers

To survive and sail through the tough times in the US healthcare industry, many organizations have come up with some pretty innovative and out-of-box solutions to reduce costs, increase revenue, enhance turnaround times and improve processes. Topping the list for many organizations is the natural transition to contract a strategic medical billing services company…often across the globe in India. Initially, turning over part of the revenue cycle management processes to a medical billing services company was viewed purely as an avenue for cost reduction. But cost reduction alone does not fulfill the needs of healthcare providers in the US. They require almost instantaneous support from a services partner acting as an extended arm of their business that can handle unexpected increases in work load…which is an inherent part of the business.

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