Tailor-Made Financial and Global Accounting BPO

Financial Accounting

Our diverse offering for firms, businesses and consultancy practices includes everything from "lift and shift" services to technology-enabled best practice solutions.  We are here at your service to support or even manage your full Financial and Accounting footprint, including transaction processing, record-to-report, performance management/decision support processes, capital platform management and check processing services.  We have on-demand service, 24 hour turnaround or any other combination model that works best for your needs…all at a fantastic cost savings to you.

Global Accounting

Have you considered a shift over to global accounting?  This is an optional, simplified system of accounting for VAT on the margin. It provides a gross margin on the difference between your global accounting purchases and global accounting sales over a set period.

Globalizing your accounting standards creates immediate and important benefits for your company. Investors prefer it because it generates standardized international financial statements that are understood worldwide. Multinationals benefit by no longer preparing diverse reports for each of the different countries where they operate. Stock exchanges benefit from the growth of listings and transactions in the market.

Services we offer for the IFRS / GAAP / IAS standard of Accounting:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Taxation
  • Accounts VAT
  • Accounting Bookkeeping
  • Annual Accounting
  • Management Accounts
  • Daily Ledger Entry Management
  • Payroll Timesheets Processing
  • International Recruitment Processing
  • KPO and BPO
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Financial Accounting Service
  • Sales Tax Management

Financial Accounting Services
We offer:

  • Financial Reports
  • Weekly Reports: open invoices, unpaid vendors list, age-wise list for customers, payroll summary, pay stubs
  • Monthly Reports: YTD income statements, YTD balance sheet, cash flow statement, bank & credit card reconciliation statement, forecasts, budget vs. actual review reports
  • Yearly Reports: trial balances, financial statements, finalization report, back-up file