Improve Liquidity and Your Bottom Line Today!

Vee Technologies USA Accounts Receivable team is available 24/7 to offer you a new way to improve your cash flow and maintain a strong and vibrant business. Our systematic approach to Accounts Receivable gives our customers increased control over accounts through our team’s consistent follow-up to each outstanding invoice.  We provide extensive reporting all account activity, and have a perfect track record for improving collections and increasing cash flow.

Partner with us to enjoy a wide spectrum of flexible and customizable Accounts Receivable services.  Our solution offers the flexibility to pass over part or all accounts receivable business functions.  Benefits include:

  • Vee’s steadfast commitment to systematic Accounts Receivable management
  • Less expensive solution to achieve significantly higher collection efficiency
  • Improved liquidity and company bottom line

Our vast experience coupled with our project management expertise and functional specialization enables us to provide our customers the best value for their investment. We meet or surpass industry best practices and our robust automated processes produce highly favorable outcomes every day.

How we can help you:

  • Transaction processing: daily sales & receipts, customer invoices & statements, aging reports, convert receivable into dollars
  • Cloud services: virtual accounting on demand, real-time online bookkeeping
  • Additional staff: on-site or remote, full- or part-time
  • Training: staff and executive training available