Finally, Your Totally Paperless Solution

Are you ready to go paperless?  Our dedicated team is ready to move you forward.  Let us support not only your accounting service needs but also help you grow, manage and scale your finance and accounting operations to new heights.  Vee Technologies USA’ proven, automated process and workflow management system is guaranteed to cut down discrepancies and improve control over your finances for healthier profits.

Benefits to going Paperless:

  • Eliminate printing and postage costs
  • 24x7 tracking of invoices
  • Maximize cost savings and efficiencies
  • Eliminate paper based invoices and the legal disposal of paper
  • Improve control over payroll processing
  • Reduce inquiries and the ability to capture additional discounts from suppliers
  • Automate invoicing to large accounts
  • Improve vendor relationships

With the correct blend of processes, procedures and technology, you will adopt a new modular approach to Accounts Payable management. This solution is an integrated suite of services that streamline, automate and web-enable your accounts payable functions.

How we can help you:

  • Document Services: take receipt of and manage all paper-based payables
  • Transaction Processing: data entry of all paper-based payables transactions, management of electronic invoices, front-end suspect duplicate control and automated workflow initiation
  • Disbursement Services: all payment processing, including check processing, electronic payment handling, returned check processing, positive pay and other disbursement related services
  • Vendor Management: ensure vendor masters are updated and kept online and liabilities are verified against agreed purchase orders. This validates transactions for correctness, updates the books (recording transactions and payments) and ensures that vendor states of accounts are reconciled
  • Much more: invoice recording, invoice payment & reconciliation, document management, compliance with internal policies & external regulations, reporting & analysis